Bench Ageing Process

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Bench Ageing Process

Bench Ageing | Bench Silvering | End Grain Movement

The Ageing Process for Solid Teak Benches

When your new Memorial Bench is delivered, it will be fine sanded and light brown in colour. After a few months of your Memorial Bench being left outdoors, the process of oxidisation (nature’s way of protecting the timber) will begin.The colour of your Bench will start to fade from light brown to a pale white and then finally to a graceful silver. The time scale for this process will vary from bench to bench and the environment in which you’re Bench is situated. This is perfectly normal behaviour for what is essentially a natural product and will not affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of your Memorial Bench.

End Grain Movement

The picture on the left show what is known as Fine Line or End Grain Movement. When any wooden furniture is left outside, it will naturally absorb moisture from the atmosphere during damp conditions then swell slightly, and to the same extent it will also dry out in warmer climates. The sections of timber that are most susceptible are the end sections or 'end grains' of the timber, predominantly around the frames and arms of the benches where they have been cut and show the growth rings. These periodic cracks are perfectly normal as the wood breathes and reacts to variations in the moisture content of the air. Movement on the end grain sections usually happens early in the life of the furniture as the timber settles in to its new climate that may well be very different to that of its native country.

When our timber is dried at source, we dry it slowly and allow it to retain a certain amount of its moisture specifically to suit the UK climate. This helps to reduce the risk of warping and splitting. When we experience very warm and sunny days, the end gain will naturally open. We suggest simply leaving the wood to adjust naturally. This is perfectly normal behavior for what is essentially a natural product and cracks come and go depending on seasonal variations but will not affect the strength, performance or life expectancy of your Bench. If this concerns you, you can simply and safely apply a small amount of PVA wood glue into the opening and around, rub in and allow drying for a day and then sand off with a fine paper (240).

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