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Farleigh Teak Memorial Chair


Our Farleigh heavy Teak Memorial Arm Chair will compliment smaller gardens and spaces whilst still being able to leave a personalised message to remember a special person. It also has a very useful flat arm - ideal for resting a refreshing drink on. We suggest using a small amount of text to engrave into the wood and then continuing on a plaque.

This Chair has been constructed from solid Teak with a heavy 6 x 6cm frame and is traditionally made using tenon and mortise joinery and secured with Teak dowels. As with all our range, the nature of the construction and choice cuts of Teak ensure longevity and a lifetime of use.

You can personalise this Memorial Chair with an engraved plaque and or chose to engrave your words and images directly into the top rail for a truly lasting tribute. We offer a free design service so if at any stage you need help, just contact our friendly team and we will be able to assist you in making the perfect lasting tribute. Rest assured, you are buying from a business with 20 years experience in making Memorial Benches.

All our benches have been designed by ourselves - they are not standard internet models. There is little to no no maintenance required for our all our Teak Benches. All of our Teak is Green Leaf certified. This is the equivalent to the FSC and guarantees that the Bench you are buying is sourced responsibly and ethically. The Green Leaf Certificate reduces illegal logging by providing evidence that the Teak is from verified legal sources and by providing specific information on the original source of the Teak.

FREE 5"x2" Brass Plaque with any Bench ordered this month! Simply add your Bench to the basket and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE To achieve 25 years + of use, all Memorial Benches should be Polyurethane (expanding foam) glued, Teak doweled then clamped for 24hrs to ensure that there is no movement in the construction. Although this is an expensive and time consuming process, it is what we do with everyone of our Benches before we deliver. Be aware of buying flat packed Memorial Benches or those made with cheap glues as wood naturally expands and contracts when left outside so if they are not joined securely they will, after a few seasons, wobble and fail.