Commemorative Benches

Free 5x2" Brass Plaque With any Bench ordered this month!

Commemorative Benches

Commemorative benches allow you with a long-lasting way to remember special events in your life, be they weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or something other. Dedicating a memorial bench to a special occasion or a loved one is a popular idea and offers a slightly different gift to standard, a commemorative bench lends as a lasting reminder.

Our commemorative benches will not split easily or become quickly weathered; we only use high quality teak wood ensuring the benches last for years into the future. All our wood is sourced from sustainable sources and we are proud to be able to supply commemorative benches whilst being certified under The Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) and this demonstrates a firm, authentic and effective commitment to sustainability, both towards the environment and socially.

Personalise Your Commemorative Bench

Each commemorative bench can be fitted with your choice of a traditional brass or contemporary stainless steel plaque, which can be personalised and engraved to your choosing. The plaques will not deteriorate over time, meaning that the message will stay clear for years to come and the memory will live on.

To make your bench personal and meaningful, we will use our CNC wood engraving machine to engrave whatever you like. We will offer advice on how much text would be best, fonts and sizes to ensure it is clear and can be read, and having the CNC wood engraving machine ourselves means we have full control from start to finish. Our team have the skills and experience necessary to be able to offer our outstanding results without increasing our prices. Please note that instead of engraving the wood we can also add plaques if you prefer. We offer plaque inscription services on brass or stainless steel plaques.

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