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3 Seat Great Maytham Commemorative Bench


This is the top of our range, Rolls Royce of a Teak Bench, and perfect to Commemorate a very special occasion. We have supplied clients throughout the UK and Europe with our 3 Seat Great Maytham Teak Benches for over 10 years because it combines strength, comfort and traditional good looks. The massive 8cm x 8cm frame really dwarfs standard Benches found in your local garden center or on-line and the high back and contoured seat gives hours of seating comfort. We specialise in making Benches and this is as good as they get.

We have many options to personalise this bench for those special Milestones in Life such as Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries and Retirements. Our benches not only look the part but will also stand the test of time. We can engrave your words into the wood on the top back rail and the lower back rail. We can also fit a brass or stainless steel plaque, engraved with your words and perhaps a small picture, to the back of the bench too. There is plenty of space to add an engraved logo or picture to the bench using our CNC machine; musical notes, gardening tools, animal outlines, stars, hearts to name but a few, really do look nice and are only £19.95 each.

This Bench can be with you in a few days from ordering or delivered directly to an specified address. We will never deliver without a pre arranged appointment and your bench will arrive fully made and ready to use! We are so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we have a 10 year guarantee with all our benches. Cushions and covers to keep this bench in showroom condition are also available.

We always advise our clients to invest in our anti theft Bench security fixings for extra peace of mind.

FREE 5"x2" Brass Plaque with any Bench ordered this month! Simply add your Bench to the basket and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE To achieve 25 years + of use, all Commemorative Benches should be Polyurethane (expanding foam) glued, Teak dowelled then clamped for 24hrs to ensure that there is no movement in the construction. Although this is an expensive and time consuming process, it is what we do with everyone of our Benches before we deliver. Be aware of buying flat packed Commemorative Benches or those made with cheap glues as wood naturally expands and contracts when left outside so if they are not joined securely they will, after a few seasons, wobble and fail.