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3 Seat Marden Commemorative Wooden Bench


Our Marden 2 seat Teak Bench has pretty curved rails both top and bottom enabling us to put a wood inscription on either or both rails. We have supplied many of these Benches as Thank You gifts and in appreciation of a thoughtful gesture due to its versatility. We can personalise this bench by engraving your words into the bench or onto a brass plaque, stainless steel plaque or both. Small images or pictures such as animals or a sporting icon, look lovely engraved into the wood on this Bench and can be designed to go on the top and or bottom back rail.

If required we can supply a fitted cushion and breathable cover . This is a heavy bench and constructed with the highest grade Teak which ensures a lifetime of use. Its small size and charming style means our Marden seat can be used in any location for any occasion. Delivery can be in a matter of days and will be supplied fully assembled. No DIY or hours of flat pack assembly! Glued and joined to last a lifetime.

We always advise our clients to invest in our anti-theft Bench security fixings for extra peace of mind.

FREE 5"x2" Brass Plaque with any Bench ordered this month! Simply add your Bench to the basket and follow the instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTICE To achieve 25 years + of use, all Commemorative Benches should be Polyurethane (expanding foam) glued, Teak dowelled then clamped for 24hrs to ensure that there is no movement in the construction. Although this is an expensive and time consuming process, it is what we do with everyone of our Benches before we deliver. Be aware of buying flat packed Commemorative Benches or those made with cheap glues as wood naturally expands and contracts when left outside so if they are not joined securely they will, after a few seasons, wobble and fail.