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  • 19/08/2020

    Memorial ideas: Alternative ways to remember loved ones

    Memorial ideas: Alternative ways to remember loved ones

    Alternative ways to remember loved ones

    Remember your loved ones in alternative ways with these great suggestions for keeping their memory alive.

    Remembering our lost loved ones is important and it’s only natural that we look to physical reminders for comfort once they have passed on. It may be that you live far away from the burial site and wish to have something closer to home or that you would simply like to have more reminders of them so that they remain close to your heart. Whatever the case may be, there are many ways you can keep their memory alive from planting memorial trees to dedicating one of our personalised engraved memorial benches.

    Click here for a few other ideas that you may want to consider alongside you memorial bench.

  • 02/05/2020

    The resting bench where people remember



    As an avid walker it is quite often that we will visit local woodlands, parks and nature reserves amongst other walking destinations and along the way we can always guarantee we will come across a memorial bench of some kind. Whilst we might take some time to sit down, rest and to have a drink or maybe even something to eat there is always something that triggers our inner curiosity and sparks a conversation or even a thought as to whom the bench is there to remember. We cannot help ourselves but to read the plaques, the names, the ages and any quotations that are in place and without second thought we plunge ourselves into commenting as to what the person was like, how old they were and whether it’s a tragedy or just old age which has brought their life on earth to an end.

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  • 14/04/2020

    Garden Bench Memorial

    garden bench memorial

    We are now entering into the 4th week of self-isolation to help relieve the NHS of spikes in capacity and reduce admissions by social distancing to minimise the spread of Covid-19. As tough as these times are, we have also been finding there are lots of positives experiences to be had; time with your children, a sense of local community and love, self-reflection, practising the virtues of patience and relaxation, talking with family and friends to name but a few.

    It’s also been a time to reconnect with outdoors and nature. Understanding that we could be self-isolating for a number of months more, planning and placing your Memorial Bench in a public place is not really a viable option.

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  • 21/03/2020

    A note about Covid-19


    We understand this is a difficult & scary time for people across the UK, so we wanted to provide some insight into how we at Memorial Benches UK are addressing people's (including our) concerns at this difficult time.

    Any of our staff who are feeling unwell or showing flu like symptoms are requested to stay at home for a period of 7 days and self-isolate. We are sanitising hands, phones and door handles regularly throughout the day, keeping a sensible distance between colleagues and the public and no longer shaking hands. We want to ensure as best possible everyone is happy & healthy in our work environment & our customer's homes.

    For people who are self-quarantining at home, we realise our memorial benches can be an escape into outdoor 'safe' areas. Our memorial benches can be safely wiped with anti-viral hand sanitisers.

    Our team will continue to be available over the phone and email and we are still delivering our fully assembled benches across the UK, even to houses in quarantine (although benches are left outside the front door, as our delivery teams we will not bring benches inside properties).

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  • 10/02/2020

    Cleaning Your Memorial Bench - Part 1

    how-to-clean-your-old-memorial-garden-benchAfter a few years of use you will notice that your memorial bench will start to change colour from a golden caramel to a pale white and then finally to a mellow silver patina. There is no need to worry, this is perfectly normal and will not effect the longevity of your bench.

    In the autumn and winter months as the days become shorter, damper and wetter this provides nature with the perfect environment for black mould spores and algae to grow. Although this looks unsightly, it is purely superficial and as soon as spring arrives and the days become warmer and brighter, the mould and algae will die off.

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  • 25/11/2019

    The Journey Of A Memorial Bench

    personalised-wooden-teak-memorial and-commemorative-garden-benchesWhen people create memorial benches for their loved ones what they do not see is that in fact they create public works of art. At face value they are crafted physical objects more often than not engraved with text, placed in significant locations special to the deceased or their family. But what is so fascinating is the journey a memorial bench takes from the specific details required by the family to the invitation of an emotional reaction that they evoke from complete strangers.

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  • 01/11/2019

    Remembrance Day Bench 2019

    remembrance day bench in the UKEvery year without fail, the Legion calls upon the nation to unite in order to commemorate Remembrance Day or Armistice Day as its commonly referred to. This year it will fall upon Monday 11th November however, many ceremonies take place on Remembrance Sunday which will be the day before. What is it all about really and why do we take two minutes for a moment of silence? 

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  • 25/10/2019

    How Much Does A Memorial Bench Cost?

    Buying-guide-for-wooden-memorial-benches-in-the-UKOne of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is that of how much a memorial bench actually costs. The real answer is how long is a piece of string. The overall cost of a memorial bench will depend on a number of factors we will use this particular blog to try and show you items to consider that will have a direct impact on the cost.

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  • 01/09/2019

    Choosing The Writing For A Memorial Bench Plaque 

    garden-memorial-bench-with an-engraved-metal-plaque

    In difficult and emotional times it can be hard to find the right or most fitting words to apply to a situation. With that in mind it can be extremely difficult to honour the memory of someone in a few words on a plaque for a bench. What do you write? Will it be enough, too much? 

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  • 05/04/2017

    Memorial Benches For Use At Home

    buying-guide-for-a memorial-garden-bench-at-your-house-or-homeMemorial Benches UK have a number of charming teak wooden benches that would suit your home and all beautifully crafted. We have supplied many of our lighter weight benches to private homes around the country as they are more portable. Made from solid Teak wood, not substituted for inferior timber like oak, iroko or treated pine, all of our memorial benches will last decades outside with little to no maintenance.

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