Cleaning Your Memorial Bench - Part 1


how-to-clean-your-old-memorial-garden-benchAfter a few years of use you will notice that your memorial bench will start to change colour from a golden caramel to a pale white and then finally to a mellow silver patina. There is no need to worry, this is perfectly normal and will not effect the longevity of your bench.

In the autumn and winter months as the days become shorter, damper and wetter this provides nature with the perfect environment for black mould spores and algae to grow. Although this looks unsightly, it is purely superficial and as soon as spring arrives and the days become warmer and brighter, the mould and algae will die off.

teak-cleaner-restorer-for-wooden-teak-memorial-benches Quickly clean your teak wooden memorial bench

You can reduce the onset of this natural ageing process, growth of algae and mould spores by placing a breathable cover over your memorial bench when its not in use. If your bench is located in a church yard or woodland walk a cover may not be a practical solution.

In this case you can use a Teak Cleaner for an instant result. Simply wet a section of your bench, apply the teak cleaner liberally and scrub with a firm nylon brush and leave for a 5 minutes. Apply some more water and scrub it clean with the brush. A 1000 ml bottle of our teak cleaner will restore 10 benches.

A very quick and effective way of keeping your memorial bench looking smart and clean throughout the year. If you have any questions get in touch with our friendly team at Memorial Benches UK

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