Memorial Quotes & Phrases

  • 25/10/2019

    How Much Does A Memorial Bench Cost?

    Buying-guide-for-wooden-memorial-benches-in-the-UKOne of the most commonly asked questions that we receive is that of how much a memorial bench actually costs. The real answer is how long is a piece of string. The overall cost of a memorial bench will depend on a number of factors we will use this particular blog to try and show you items to consider that will have a direct impact on the cost.

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  • 01/09/2019

    Choosing The Writing For A Memorial Bench Plaque 

    garden-memorial-bench-with an-engraved-metal-plaque

    In difficult and emotional times it can be hard to find the right or most fitting words to apply to a situation. With that in mind it can be extremely difficult to honour the memory of someone in a few words on a plaque for a bench. What do you write? Will it be enough, too much? 

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