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Teak Cleaner


A premium quality Barretine Teak Cleaner which, when applied to your Bench, will chemically clean away dirt, algae, fallout from the sky and reduce the 'greying' effect often found on ageing Benches.


Spray on and wipe with a damp cloth to lift surface dirt and grease turning the cloth frequently.Allow surface to dry before use.

Ingrained dirt/heavy soiling:Lichen, algae, moss and similar detritus can be removed using a stiff bristled brush. Dampen surface, spray on cleaner and agitate with the brush in the direction of the woodgrain to loosen detritus. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Successive treatments may be required for ingrained staining.

Severely weathered grey wood may require a specialist treatment to restore the natural colour. Allow product to soak for 5 minutes but do not allow it to dry out completely.

Will not eliminate mould staining