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Hard Ground Bench Security Anchors


Hard Ground Fixing Anchors 9cm x 6cm £45
Hard Ground Fixing Anchors 9cm x 6cm £45

Our Solid Stainless steel fixing anchors have been designed by ourselves specifically to secure Benches to hard surfaces such as concrete. Not only do they prevent a bench from moving, they are also a visual deterrent to thieves. Our anchors have a polished finish, countersunk holes for the screws and are very heavy duty, not the type you find in a DIY shop. Each set consists of 4 anchors, 8 solid stainless steel wood screws, 8 plastic anti-tamper screw caps and 4 shield anchor bolts. They are secured to each leg and then fixed into concrete with a bolt. An approximate time it would take for a competent DIY'er to fix a bench using our hard ground anchors would be 1 hr. We supply but we are unable to offer a fixing service.

Delivery is £5.95 or FREE when ordered with a bench as they can be delivered together