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Teak Cleaner


teak garden bench cleaner and restorer
teak garden bench cleaner and restorer

A premium quality Barretine Teak Cleaner which, when applied to your Bench, will chemically clean away dirt, algae, fallout from the sky and reduce the 'greying' effect often found on ageing Benches.

In our own tests, this product gave excellent results! An ideal way to clean and restore a bench in more remote areas where access to a pressure washer is limited.


1 - Clean bench surface of any ingrained dirt  /heavy soiling such as lichen, algae, moss and similar detritus with a stiff nylon brush
2 - Dampen a section of the bench
3 - Apply the cleaner with a sponge and agitate in the direction of the woodgrain to loosen detritus.
4 - Leave for 15 minutes
5 - Aggitate again with some water and then rinse  clean water and allow to dry

Successive treatments may be required for ingrained staining.