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Personalised Teak Benches for Memorials. Commemorative Benches for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays and Retirements. Traditional Garden Benches.

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Best Web Prices Guaranteed

We regularly compare quality and price against our competition and we are confident that we are offering you the highest possible quality for the best possible price.

Because of our confidence in the quality of our Benches, we are able to offer a 5 year guarantee.

Buyer beware - many internet websites offer photographs of similar items that may appear to be the same. This is what we guarantee:

  • We manufacture, ship, assemble and deliver direct - no third party costs

  • We only buy Grade A Teak which is taken from the mature heartwood section of the tree which has the highest concentration of natural oils. It is these natural oils - rubber and silica that repel the water and give the timber its resilience. The market price for A Grade can be as much as 12 times more expensive to buy than C Grade Teak.

  • We pay for our Teak to be Kiln dried for approximately 21days so we can oversee an exact amount of time to slowly reduce the timbers natural moisture content. If done too quickly or too much you can damage the timbers strength. High running and maintenance costs increase the price of production significantly but ensure a stable and strong timber to construct furniture.

  • We pay extra for all our joints to be machined ensuring a perfect fit every time, offering consistency, strength and longevity.

  • Although it costs us more, we assemble and glue all our Benches in the UK ourselves. Each component part is glued with strong Polyurethane glue, clamped then secured with Teak dowels. The clamping process is essential when using Polyurethane glue as it expands on contact with moisture and can push joints apart. We do this ourselves to remove any possibility of movement and maximises the life of your Bench

  • We invest in heavy gauge timbers when making our Benches. The thickness of the cut of Teak varies immensely. A standard framework for an internet Bench will be 4cm x 4cm. Our standard is 5cm x 5cm, our Heavy Benches are 6cm x 6cm and our Extra Heavy Benches are 8cm x 8cm.

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